About Olivetica


Rooted in Greece’s ancient tradition of olive cultivation, OLIVETICA captures the essence of the Mediterranean. We’re dedicated to trading the finest olive oils and products, a testament to our deep heritage and unwavering commitment to quality.


Out Story

Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees in the European Mediterranean area. Since then, it has been the core element of the internationally acclaimed Mediterranean Diet.

OLIVETICA is a company based in Greece, specializing in olive oil trading. Our mission is to provide the highest quality olive oil and table olives. We source our olive oil and table olives from various regions of Greece, which are renowned for producing some of the best olive oils worldwide.

Our olive oil is derived from trees locally cultivated, and the oil is extracted in mills, adhering to the standards of ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2015. Our products have garnered various awards in global contests, a testament to their quality.

OLIVETICA proudly offers a range of products that includes organic olive oil, table olives, and olive oil paste. Our extensive product line emphasizes EVOO, organic EVOO, early harvest, virgin olive oil, EVOO infused with fresh flavors, olive oil dressings, organic table olives, and organic olive paste. Additionally, we offer a variety of organic vinegars, balsamic vinegar, balsamic cream, and dressings.

We cater to diverse packaging needs, offering products in glass, tin, and larger bags, with a particular focus on the HO.RE.CA sector. For those seeking a personalized touch, we provide private labeling options based on customer requests. All our offerings come with certifications for quality, acidity, and organic standards from accredited laboratories.

As a trading company, our primary goal is to consistently guarantee our clients a steady supply of products that epitomize premium quality.