HORECA Section


Many of our products are supplied in packaging suitable to meet the needs of HORECA businesses.


Olivetica holds a special commitment to the HORECA sector, recognizing the distinct requirements of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. We are dedicated to providing the industry with top-tier Mediterranean products that reflect the rich traditions of our origins. Our longstanding expertise ensures consistent quality, while our flexible packaging options cater to varied needs. For establishments that prioritize authenticity and premium offerings in their culinary experiences, Olivetica stands as a trusted partner, championing the finest from the Mediterranean.

HO.RE.CA products

Olive Oil

Discover the wide range of EVOO, PDO, Organic, Flavored extra virgin olive oil, to
compliment texture and flavor.
Chefs use it to add finishing touches and give exceptional taste to a dish.
In glass, tin or pet bottles in various sizes according to customer’s request.

Table olives

Greek olives have conquered the food lovers around the world.
We offer to our customers a great range of olive recipes marinated with authentic spices
and herbs, giving exquisite taste.
The best Greek table olives varieties carefully chosen, black or green, in glass jars, pet
barrels, also available in bulk in plastic barrels.


– Vinegar 2L/4L in plastic container
– White Vinegar 4L in plastic container
– Balsamic Vinegar 2L/4L in plastic container.

Upon agreement we can provide you with other of our products in packages that meet the needs of your business.